Unitron, GFC-60G

Unit: Converter 60 KVA
Model: GFC-60G
Manufacturer: Unitron
Condition: Operational or refurbished

Input: 480 VAC,3 phases, 60 Hz
Output: 60 Kva, 115/200V AC, 3 phase, 400 Hz
Load bank tested- Tested on all functions-serviceable
Test certificate provided.
Input cable: 50 Feet
Output cable: 40 Feet
Operational, maintenance and Parts manual
Dimensions: L= 32.5”; W=38”; H=32”
Weight: 1,200 lbs.

Option: 28.5 Volt Rectifier
8.5 VDC, Rectifier with output 800 amps continuous, 2200 amps peak

Additional Options:
NEW Output Cable, 30’ 2/O Awg & Plug
DC Output Cable, 30’ 4/awg and Plug

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