Tug Technologies, 20T-DEH

Unit: Aircraft Pre-Conditioned Air
Model: 20T-DEH
Manufacturer: Tug Technologies
Engine: Cummins Diesel, 3.9L 4 cyl.
Electrically operated system
Carrier 20 Ton preconditioned air unit
Updated ECU control system with full engine safety systems including over speed, oil pressure -water temp protection and electronic governor.
Airflow, nominal 16,000 CFM
Air pressure 20 in S.P.
Delivered air temp. 40 °F (2 °C)-Max Cooling
Cooling capacity 240,000 Btu
Max Operating temp. 125 °F (52 °C)
Hose 20 ft. (6 m) long, 12 in dia.
Dimensions: L: 187” W: 84” H: 82”
Weight: 7,720 lbs.


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