Unit: Baggage Tug
Model: MA30
Manufacturer: Tug
Engine: diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Turning radius: 115″
Dimensions: L=102″, W=65″, H=58″


Option 1, Refurbished Condition

  • Refurbished to JETALL Standards
  • Painted Fleet White
  • Operational, maintenance and parts manual included

Option 2, Overhauled

  • Engine, “0” time from Overhaul
  • Transmission, Ford C6, NEW
  • Steering, “0” time from Overhaul
  • Brakes, “0” Time from Overhaul
  • Includes refurbishment process

Option 3, Overhauled w/ NEW Engine

  • Same as option 2 less engine overhaul
  • New Perkins Diesel engine installed

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