Unit: Battery Cart, New
Model: JTL28B
Manufacturer: Jetall GPU


Economical & Quiet, No motors

1. Built in soft start capability
2. Safety, No power cords near aircraft
3. Capable of starting jets & turbines
4. Portable no cords
5. Use in hangar or on ramp
6. Separate battery charger (may be used to charge any 24 volt battery in the aircraft or shop).
7. 0 to 50 volt meter (to measure status of charge in batteries).
8. Battery heater available (added cost).

This Battery Cart is a 14 or 28.5 volt, 672 AH unit for all day power in hangar, or multiple engine starts before charging. This unit supplies in excess of 1500 amp momentary for aircraft starting. This is adequate for most aircraft.

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