United, G40GUnit: Aircraft Ground Power Unit
Model: JTL90D3/JTL90D4
Manufacturer: JETALL GPU
Condition: New
Type: Trailer mounted
Generator: Jetall 90 KVA,400 Hz, 1800 RPM
Engine: Perkins 1104DTier 3/ Remanufactured DD741 Tier 4 compliant
Output: 115/200V AC, 400Hz, 3phases

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Options available:
Forklift Pockets
Low Fuel Warning
Low Coolant Warning
Cold weather Kit
Tow and Running Lights Kit
Second AC output
AC output cable & plug, 33ft, 2/0 AWG
28.5V DC transformer rectifier with DC Output Cable & Plug, 30’, 4/0 AWG


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