Hobart, 90G20P

Unit: 90 KVA, AC GPU
Model: 90G20P
Manufacturer: Hobart
Condition: Operational or refurbished
72 KW AC, generator, 3 phase, brushless
115/200 Volt, 400 Hz, 229 amps. Continuous
Engine: Detroit Diesel
Cable and Aircraft plug
Trailer mounted, tow bar
Manually activated parking brake
Load bank tested and certified
Dimensions: L=100”, W=78”, H=72”
Weight: 5,200 lbs.

Option 1: Refurbished Condition
Refurbished to Jetall standards
Painted one colour, customer choice
Operational, maintenance and parts manual

Option 2: 28.5 VDC Rectifier
28.5 VDC, Rectifier with output 800 amps continuous, 2200 amps peak Starting Current.
DC Output Cable, 30’, 4/Og and Plug


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